Handle With Care

Plum Street Mall, Media, PA

This work messages the interdependence of people and the native, natural world.  Hand tiles overlay abstracted leaf shapes based on native trees (labeled along the upper ledge of the project).  In partnership with the Media Arts Council Claire coordinated a public workshop resulting in over 300 ceramic hand tiles by residents 8 months to 82 years in age.  The Arts Council and Claire also invited dozens of volunteers to “put their hands on” in a different way by helping to tile. Highlights were a few women coming during their lunch hours for their self-named “mosaic therapy” and the employees of Unbound Medicine, whose office at the time overlooked the project, being encouraged by their boss to “lend a hand” and collectively mosaicking one of the leaves.
Gail Freedman, Project Assistant. Funded by a Five County Arts Grant through the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

150′ x 3′

Plum Street Mall, Media, PA

hand made ceramic tile, purchased tile

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