Bache Book

Claire loves the layers of meaning in this project. Working off of ArtWell’s Coming of Age curriculum Claire guided graduating 8th graders to celebrate their own coming of age through personal masks and haiku expressing their individual strengths.  The students made clay masks from plaster molds of their own faces. These masks’ tiling designs represent personal assets and interests. As a Legacy Project this mosaic needed a clear, positive message for future students. Claire had the  8th graders brainstorm and choose phrases of inspiration and then construct them in large, colorful clay tiles with black letters. The overall book shape, designed by a student, affirms the learning and growth experienced by these graduates at their school.

Bache-Martin School, Philadelphia, PA.

Funded through Teacher-Artist Partnership grant, PA Council on the Arts. Created in collaboration with 8th grade language arts teacher Kristin Luebbert. Administered by ArtWell.
hand made clay tile, purchased tile, vitreous glass

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